• Nicole Taylor Plants A Tree for Brain Tumour Research

    Today Nicole fulfilled an ambition by planting a tree in Soulbury dedicated to brain tumour research. The tree will grow and thrive as a symbol of the fight against brain tumours and as a tribute to the work of everyone who worked and contributed to bring an end to this devastating set of cancers. As the Leighton Buzzard Observer reported:

    A mum battling a brain tumour will fulfil her heartfelt ambition by planting a memorial tree for Brain Tumour Research.

    Nicole Taylor (formerly Witts), 42, of Soulbury was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008 and had it successfully removed in an operation.

    But she and her family were devastated earlier this year to learn that the tumour had come back and was inoperable.

    Determined to carry on the campaign to raise awareness and increase funding for research, Nicole decided to plant a tree in Soulbury dedicated to Brain Tumour Research.

    Speaking to the Observer in October, Nicole said: “For me to have that tree there, it would feel like I’m still there raising awareness, making a difference even after I’ve gone.”

    Brain tumours are among the deadliest forms of cancer for people under 40, with fewer than 20% surviving five years after diagnosis. But currently, it receives just 1% of national cancer research spending.

    A spokesman for Brain Tumour Research said: “Nicole is an inspiration. We are delighted that she has chosen to plant a tree for Brain Tumour Research in this beautiful setting in Soulbury, and hope that long before the tree matures, survival rates for brain tumours will at the very least radically have improved to that of other cancers.”

    Nicole says planting the tree will fulfil item number 201 of a long bucket list she wrote.

    Sir Nicholas and Lady Bonsor of Soulbury will plant a red acer – blessed by Rev Philip Derbyshire – in a special ceremony at the Millennium Green in Soulbury on Saturday November 8 at 10am. All are welcome to attend.

    Link to Leighton Buzzard Observer article