• Brain Tumour Consortium Mass Lobby of Parliament 13 June 2012

    Nicole Witts with our Head First! patron MP Andrew Selous with the Pledge outside the Houses of Parliament

    All photographs copyright Glyn Lewis and Brain Tumour Research 

    Nicole Witts and Head First! For Brain Tumours joined Brain Tumour Research and other members of the Brain Tumour Consortium at the Housed of Parliament on June 13th 2012 to highlight the need for MPs and Government to do more in the campaign against brain tumours.

    The Lobby sought to raise awareness and asked Members of Parliament to:

    • Sign a pledge to do more to highlight brain tumours
    • Distribute a press release template and photograph of them signing the pledge so that they can raise awareness of the issue (and symptoms) in their local press
    • Sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) drawing attention to these statistics
    • Back a new Number 10 e-petition we will be providing (once the current one by Rachel Clark lapses in June)

    MPs were also encouraged to keep leaning on central government in every way possible to achieve:

    • Earlier, more accurate diagnosis
    • Implementation of NICE’s improving outcomes guidance – consistently applying best practice along the patient pathway
    • An increase in spend on research to reflect the true number of people affected by brain tumours

    18 MPs signed the pledge on the day and more will surely follow. More photos from the day: