• Nicole Witts at Buckingham Palace

    On May 29th 2012, in recognition of her work in increasing the British public’s awareness of brain tumours raising funds for research and providing personal support to patients and their families, brain tumour survivor Nicole Witts was invited to attend Her Majesty the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

    It was a chance to spread the word to a new audience. And it was a chance to reflect on just how much has been done over the past three years. A small selection of the mass news outlets Nicole has featured her story in would include The Sun and the Daily Mail, glossies Woman Magazine, Real People Magazine and Female First, BBC TV news programme Look East, BBC Radio Three Counties, and Heart FM. Nicole has organized fashion shows, pamper nights, street parties and mountain expeditions. She has inspired countless local businesses and schools to organize fundraising take part in national events like successive Wear A Hat Days. She has brought politicians onto our side – most notably our superb patron, MP Andrew Selous, whose devotion to the cause has been extraordinary.

    It was Nicole’s time to be recognised. Here are some photos from the day:

    It was a beautiful day, but one marked too by great sadness, because later on came the news of the death of our great friend Glenn Pollard from a brain tumour. Glenn’s courage and warmth shone out in everything he did, and the loss to his wife, family and friends is beyond telling. Glenn was a huge help, encouragement and ally of Head First! from the beginning. Glenn is painfully missed, and will always be close to the thoughts and hearts of the many, many people who loved him.

    I’d like to add a personal P.S. of thanks to Nicole – not just for taking me as her guest to the Palace, which was huge honour for me, but for giving me the chance to be involved in a small way in the great things she’s achieved. Britain should appreciate its Nicole Witts’s, and it’ll be down to people like her that the men, women and children of the future won’t have the same pain and loss from brain tumours that patients, their families and friends endure today. Thankyou, Nicole         -James (Head First! web admin)


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  1. Brenda Pollard says:

    Dear Nicole
    I do not know you personally but Glenn often spoke about you. He attended a fundraising event of yours soon after his hospital stay last August. He was very proud of his “oscar” presented to him then.
    We have just received the place cards left in the pews last Thursday at Glenn’s funeral and were very honoured to see your name amongst them. Thankyou so much for being there and for your tribute that I have just read. We feel very proud of our fantastic son and know that he was an inspiration to so many
    Brenda Pollard (Glenn’s Mum)