• Celebrities Join Nicole Witts and Brain Tumour Research in Wear A Hat Day 2012

    Nicole Witts modelling for Wear A Hat Day

    Local celebrities Darren Gough and Ian Reddington join ‘Heads’ of local organisations to raise awareness of brain tumours and Wear A Hat Day

    Local groups Head 1st For Brain Tumours!, Ali’s Dream, Taylan’s Project and Brain Tumour Research are asking people to Wear a Hat on the 30th of March 2012 to help Brain Tumour Research and its member charities raise awareness about the prevalence of brain tumours and the need for vital research.

    Local celebrities Darren Gough and Ian Reddington along with Jan Jones, the Head of Buckingham Primary School are setting an example by wearing bespoke hats created by ‘2010 Hat Maker of the Year’ Kate Langrish. Jonathan Whybrow the Head of Beachborough School, Richard Knowles, Chairman of Buckingham Colour Quest and Jason Sykes, Director of Boyd Coughlan Accountants are also supporting the campaign.

    Wear a Hat Day’ is an annual awareness day which encourages people to make donations in order to wear a hat to school or college. This year Brain Tumour Research is also encouraging schools, businesses and organisations nationwide to challenge their ‘head’ to wear a hat for the day. From sponsored silences to charity runs and office bake-offs, organisations around the country are being encouraged to raise money in any which way they see fit to sponsor their ‘head’ to wear a hat.

    Sue Farrington-Smith, Director of Brain Tumour Research and Trustee of Ali’s Dream, comments: “Brain Tumour Research receives less than 1% of national cancer research spending in the UK yet this deadly disease kills more children and people under the age of 40 than any other cancer. ‘Wear a Hat Day’ is a fun way of increasing awareness and asking people to raise money for an often overlooked form of cancer and we are delighted that so many local organisations are getting involved and hope many more will join them”.

    Brain Tumour Research has recruited the help of Kate Langrish, crowned ‘Hat Maker of the Year 2010’, to develop the official range of campaign hats. Instructions to make your own bespoke hat are available to download from the website, alongside another downloadable PDF which will allow you to create your own hat simply out of wrapping paper. This can be done as a classroom work shop or a break time activity and provides an interactive element for pupils and a team building element for staff, alongside them helping to raise funds for the charity. These interactive features allow everyone to access and support the campaign and both DIY hats are accompanied by an online instructions video.

    Philip Treacy, celebrity hat designer and patron to the charity, comments:

    Fashion is a feeling and a mood and therefore how better to express your passion and commitment to a subject such as brain tumour research than by wearing a fantastic hat?  It immediately creates a statement and it doesn’t matter what the hat is or how much it costs; everybody who gets involved will feel a million dollars on the day, whilst also raising much needed research funds and awareness.”

    Philip has also contributed to the campaign by providing an image of a hat that he has designed for an exclusive brooch that will be available as a limited edition. This brooch will be available for purchase through Brain Tumour Research, alongside this year’s wear a hat badges which will be launched for sale during March – brain tumour awareness month.  

    Brain Tumour Research represents the united campaign voice of the Brain Tumour Research group of 18 charities. Launched in 2009, the charity was established specifically to raise funds for brain tumour research.

    To get involved, request your fundraising packs, badges and balloons or for further background into Brain Tumour Research go to www.braintumourresearch.org