• Nicole Witts tells her brain tumour story to Real People magazine

    There’s only one way to break the logjam in funding research into brain tumours. That’s to make people aware of just how bad brain tumours are, and how little is being spent on research about it. But getting that information in front of people is hard. A letter to The Times reaches only 1 in 600 of the population and gets forgotten within minutes. That’s why Nicole has concentrated so hard on getting her story into the big-hitting outlets – the top-selling newspapers, radio, and television. Taking the facts to where the audience actually is. Waking people up to what’s going on. Reminding people that they’re not alone. Getting people together to work for the future when brain tumours are easily, successfully treated.

    The last couple of years has seen the arrival of a whole new kind of magazine. Low in price, approachable, packed with stories, health tips, puzzles and jokes, all aimed at giving hard-working people some minutes away from it all in a lunch or tea break or commuting. These magazines are selling well where other titles are falling away, so it was essential to get the brain tumour story into one of them as soon as possible. They can be hard to “break”, so Nicole’s story in Real People on 10th November was all the more important.

    Real People did a good job of it, allowing Nicole to dictate the way the story was told and presented, and giving the vital web link to Brain Tumour Research enabling readers affected by tumours to find out more, get in touch and get involved. Click the image below to read Nicole’s Real People article in full.

    Nicole's Story in Real People 10th November